French Bulldog Welfare Trust

The FBWT is the original UK Welfare charity organisation dedicated solely to the wellbeing and care of French Bulldogs in need and we have been helping Frenchies and their owners for over 30 years. The purpose of this site is to give people a glance into the workings of the FBWT and the information needed to help the French Bulldogs we love and care for, giving them a better chance of living a healthy and happy life in a permanent loving home. We welcome anyone who would like to become a part of the FBWT family. Our website will let you know what we are doing, how to get involved and warm your heart with the tales of happy placements. We hope to answer a great many questions you may have about obtaining and looking after Frenchies and about the work the Trust does in offering a life line for UK Frenchies in need. Please take a moment to explore and enjoy our site.

Charity No. 287420

Well It’s finally arrived, as promised.. the fabulous ‘Gok Wan’.

In true fashionista style… clad from ear to paw in one of 2016 key colour trends Cadmium Orange…& the cheeky chunky monkey is blowing you a kiss..’from him to you’!.

So if you want to stand a chance of winning this signed collector’s item, you know what to do! That’s right, go on the French Bulldog Welfare Trust website and go to donations (click on the frenchie icon and you are through to paypal) buy as many tickets as you want at just £5 a ticket. Then post your reference number here with the number of tickets paid for and the lovely Sue Worrell will issue you with a raffle number.

The raffle will be drawn on SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER at 7pm.
Good luck and thank you again to the wonderful Ian McQueen and Gok Wan for making this happen.