Making a Donation to The French Bulldog Welfare Trust can be done in many ways:-

Click on the French Bulldog to make a donation. 




To make a donation by cheque please make it payable to “French Bulldog Welfare Trust ” and send to:

Rupert Stansfield
The Treasurer
French Bulldog Welfare Trust
Mossdale, Keighly Road
Please do not send cash.


Please contact Mr Rupert Stansfield (telephone number 01282-870901) for account details


When there’s a “will”, there’s a way. Sounds a bit different than the regular version of an old cliche’ doesn’t it? What we are really talking about is a way for French Bulldog Welfare Trust supporters to continue helping UK Frenchies far into the future. It’s called ‘BEQUESTS AND OTHER PLANNED GIFTS’.

Many of you may already have “wills” that provide for your heirs and may even leave assets to charities you support.
Almost 70% of UK residents pass on without leaving a “will”! Their assets are controlled by Goverment laws, who then decide who receives what. In addition to being one of the simplest ways to distribute your estate, your “will” can also create a vehicle through which to make charitable gifts, to groups such as French Bulldog Welfare Trust, to help provide for the future of all the French Bulldogs that are sure to need our help!

If you are one of the French Bulldog Welfare Trust supporters who have not yet made your “will”, please do so, firstly for the benefit of your loved ones. You may also wish to consider making a bequest to the French Bulldog Welfare Trust. Any amount “will” help ensure the Welfare Trust’s continuing ability to serve French Bulldogs that need our help.

A “bequest” is a wonderful way to support the future work of the French Bulldog Welfare Trust and may help you avoid capital gains tax and sometimes allows you to give more than you normally would be able to give. By having a Solicitor prepare your “will” or revise it with a simple amendment, you can make a gift of a specific amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate or what is left after your heirs have been taken care of. A simple “will” lets YOU control where your assets should go.

If you are a tax payer please consider completing a Trust ‘Gift Aid’ form this allows us to claim the Tax back which at present is 28p in the pound. Make all your donations count.

Please consider helping the French Bulldog Welfare Trust through this simple way.