Monies spent on Vet treatment  (End of June 2017)

Money the Welfare Trust have spent  is £8980 on Welfare dogs and requests.


Money raised (End of June 2017)

Many thanks to our admin team on Facebook and of course the people who donate, for raising £9,200 for the Welfare Trust.


Bulldog Day 4th June 2017 – Newark Showground pictures


Already looking forward to our next visit to Bulldog Day keep an eye on this page for the date.





A lovely story.

photo 3

A few months ago, Jackie Webb suggested we have a small lap dog as she knew how much we loved dogs and we were getting too old to have our usual breed German Shepherds. Jackie knew that the French Bulldog rescue were looking for a home for a dog that had been ill-treated. Anyway, the rescue team came up trumps and a dog called Archie was on his way to us.

We understood that it may take him a week or so to settle in but that was fine. Little did we know just how wrong we were he walked in made himself known to all and lay down and settled in for the night.

We have never had a dog in the bedroom because of their size, I am virtually bed bound with C.O.P.D. on oxygen 24/7 from a machine. One night the power went off unknown to me or my wife Lynn. Archie must have sensed something was wrong because he pushed his face into Lynn’s until she woke up, she realised the power had gone off because of the bleeping from chair lift, she immediately woke me up and connected me to a bottle of oxygen I keep by the bed for these emergencies. He has never done it before or since. But had he not woken us up I could have been very ill. We love him so much we would hate to lose him now. I do believe he saved me that night.

Thank you again Jackie and Steve and all at the French Bulldog rescue team!





Here we have Sally – mated at 7 months, she had internal bleeding after she had her babies which unfortunately none of them survived. She spent several months in foster care and had quite a lot of surgery.

Sally is now in peak condition and is in her forever home.