Giving up your Frenchie for adoption can be very traumatic. We at the Trust understand this and offer a caring and fully confidential rehoming service of Frenchies of all ages in need of our help in the United Kingdom. Please note it is not the policy of the Welfare Trust to buy or sell French Bullldogs.

Being given up for adoption is always very stressful for any Frenchie, so we make every effort to ensure that we are re-homing the Frenchie into a suitable and happy new home that will last a lifetime. The last thing an adopted Frenchie needs is to feel rejected and unloved. We believe our commitment to careful matchmaking is responsible for reducing the possibility of Frenchies being returned to the Trust.

Please note:

The rehoming of dogs that have shown aggressive tendencies towards people will be subject to an assessment.

Please enter your details carefully - we will use this information to get in touch with you.